a very creative
group of engineers
in a design studio.

Studio Services
Branding Brand initiation, identity, positioning, strategy, to digital implementation.
Creative Art direction & studio production, editorial services, photo retouching, layout and graphic design for both web and print.
UIX Design From the drawing board, to a detailed strategy, to code implementation.
Code Front and backend web and app deveopment, API Integrations, CRM/CMS, and other custom solutions.
Marketing End-to-end marketing solutions, product development, research, growth hacking.
Social Community management, social media strategy, influencer outreach, CSR and crisis response.
Content Copywriting, copyediting and storytelling, content distribution, and publishing management.
Strategy Go-to-market plans, and market entry analysis.
Research Usability testing, data visualization, feasibility research, security & code audits, case studies, personas & user scenarios.
Studio Clients
Mercdes Benz
Bottega Veneta
Lord and Taylors
Saks Fifth Avenue
What is Stellur?

Stellur (/ˈstelər/) is a media group and a research lab with creative spaces in New York City, London, and Paris.

What are Stellur Labs?

We have our playground, our owned and operated properties – which vary from niched magazines, to products and services, which are often times open sources and ran as non profit.

In a sentence, Stellur Labs is our research and development division where our creative process is analyzed in order to find areas of improvement in organization and the tasking processes.

From this model, we can provide solutions that will benefit multiple teams while giving our clients a solid panel of expert consultants.

What is your client process?

We acts as network of trusted media leaders and go-to industry experts that collaborate on each bespoke project, bringing brands a one-of-a-kind team with years of experience.

How does the selection of groups work?

We categorize our teams into 6 fields:

- Creatives
- Storytellers
- Engineers
- UIX Experts
- Marketing Managers
- Business Developers

We go back and forth with you, the client, and once we finalize a brief we hand-select individuals that are best fit for your project needs.

Our team works directly with you, and can also integrate to work within your existing team, or in your office, internationally.

So are you a product company, or a project company?

We are both.

Do you develop Apps?

Yes, but for iOS only.

Do you provide company education & training?

Yes we do, please contact our team to learn more.

Can you help with infrastructure upgrade?

We need to analyze your current infrastructure to better understand what we're dealing with.

Infrastructure review is free of charge.

If you're interested in feasibility research, we can arrange a fully documented report for your company's development team.

Do you manage websites?

Yes, depending on the scale and size of your operation, we provide a monthly fee which grants you 24/7 access to a SysAdmin and a developer who can address any ongoing issues.

This service includes full security audiet & code review and analysis, server migrations, and more.

Do you host websites?

Yes, we have our own network infrastructure, with additional services from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

How does an AdOps campaign work?

We create bespoke campaigns for businesses and target customers with unique content in the form of banners, text or video, or through social media engagement (but that's a different topic).

We promote your brand in the most appropriate, among publishers who we work with in direct relationship, in order to milk the return of your campaign. In this process we also measure the entire customer journey and provide you with regular reports on the effectiveness of a campaign, and make recommendations on where you can adjust spend.

Do you work with WordPress?

Yes, in fact we have several WordPress Core developers on board, you're good.

Security & Code Audits Service

Please contact our team to schedule a presentation, or alternatively we can send you a program overview.

How much does your service cost?

We provide a customized quote for each project we work with. If you would like to get a quote from us you can contact our team, just shoot us an email hello@stellur.com.

Generally, the investment depends on the size of the team you build for your project.

Where are you based?

We are headquartered in New York City, with creative spaces in Paris and London.

Where can I see your portfolio?

Our portfolio is available by request only. Please email hello@stellur.com for more information.